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Statistics at Square One

Ninth Edition

T D V Swinscow

Revised by M J Campbell, University of Southampton

Copyright BMJ Publishing Group 1997

NB: Readers occasionally point out errors in this book and remind us that there have been several revised editions since this one, which we would refer our readers to. The text that is replicated here reflects exactly what was in the 1997 edition.



1 Data display and summary

2 Mean and standard deviation

3 Populations and samples

4 Statements of probability and confidence intervals

5 Differences between means: type I and type II errors and power

6 Differences between percentages and paired alternatives

7 The t tests

8 The chi-squared tests

9 Exact probability test

10 Rank score tests

11 Correlation and regression

12 Survival analysis

13 Study design and choosing a statistical test

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